November 8, 2011

6 months

I have to admit I feel like a blog drop out!  I'm not going to focus on the past failures but try to do better in the future! God is at work in so many areas that I witness daily and I want to share a few!

AT FELLOWSHIP: In September we launched Sun Stand Still connect groups at Fellowship. Since we didn't have a connect group pastor or someone over seeing that area of ministry I stepped up and realized there was a hidden passion in me for connect groups. I know what being in a group has done in my personal life, my family & my marriage and I want every person to have an opportunity to be in a group. So many times I meet people that are in groups and they say, "I wish I would have taken that step sooner in my life to be part of a group." They say this because life change and transformation in Christ happens in the context of small group. It is amazing to see the impact and life change that has taken place in the lives of so many people. As we come to the close of our fall semester I'm so excited for what God has planned for the future.

Last night one of the guys in our group shared some small but huge steps that he and his wife have taken as a result of our group. This is the first group that this couple has been involved in and he said that after listening to some of the other guys he started praying with his family. He said this wasn't easy because he's never done this before. As he continued to share, you could feel the joy in the room and in his life! This is what it's all about, growing and sharing to become more like Jesus!

IN HAITI: Wilson and I were in Haiti last week. We had an amazing trip! The purpose of our trip was to check out the current orphanages that Stepping Stone Haiti has partnered with, to check up on the chicken coops, to look at possible future sites for Stepping Stone and also to celebrate Wilson's parents 50th wedding anniversary. For me the God moments were endless. I always love hearing the voice of God when you are totally out of your "normal" environment.

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